The Rape of India's National Sovereignty

Muslim Infiltration From Bangladesh Continues Uncontrolled
Illegal infiltration from Bangladesh to India, making use of porous border and usual negligence (hereditary), has risen vehemently these days risking security of India in its eastern part. This is not any stray report but a result of meticulous analysis; such a report has recently been sent to the Central Home Ministry by the Detective Department in Bengal.  It has been learnt from confidential sources that the report states how illegal infiltrators from the neighboring country enter India sneakily and hold the bordering state of Bengal to ransom. Report also states, ration cards become available at a lightening speed to the infiltrators thanks to local agents, backed by different political groups.

According to pundits, fast aggravating economic situation in Bangladesh has been stimulating the saga of illegal infiltration. Well, others do also apprehend that a rapid demographic change (thus) will turn into a national disaster for India all in all. Even if Central Home Ministry has communicated the same to BSF, any strong development (regarding security measures and nabbing Muslim infiltrators) is yet to take place. As fresh reports are coming in, the extent of this illegal saga has mostly been from Jessore, Satkhira and Khulna districts in Bangladesh and bordering areas of the Indian state of Bengal like Swarupnagar, Gaighata and Bagda are being used freely. What alarms security pundits in India most is that Bangladesh corridor is being used by Islamic radicals, sponsored both by Pakistan and radical Muslim outfits in Bangladesh, too.      

On the word of BSF spokesperson, 135 illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh have been arrested by BSF and handed over to police in the last three months; they are in reformatory centers at Bangaon and Barasat at the moment. Security measures are being stiffened; plans to create six more outposts at Hingalgunj and Sandeshkhali to end infiltration through rivers have also been adopted.

Now the question remains whether the sharp increase in infiltration is a result of administrative or BSF’s slackness. Refuting any such allegation squarely, concerned persons said that the failure doesn’t rest on BSF only but the ministry level on the whole. They say infiltrators have been steadfast in using borders of both Bangoan and Basirhat sub-division at 24 Paraganas (North) but do remain attentive in avoiding Petrapol in Bangaon and Ghojadanga in Basirhat (both bordering areas) at the same instant.  No less than 50 km in the bordering area does remain unfenced! The river is being used for illegal infiltration during night; Amodia and Hakimpur – both in Swarupnagar – are also being used as transit points highly nowadays.

Locals and administrative sources do also reveal, strictness (to certain extent) used to exist previously in the bordering areas regarding new ration cards but it has diminished ever since swearing in of the existing state government in Bengal. Now, Inspectors of Food Department are engaged in providing ration cards in the area even if a few Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators have benefited as a result.

Bengal is on the tip of a volcano – can this notion be denied?

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto made a pointed reference to this in his book, Myths of Independence. Even Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Eastern Pakistan: Its population and Economics) claimed that East Pakistan needed land for expansion and wanted Assam for its abundant forest and mineral resources, coal and petroleum. The original map of the Muslim League before 1947 included the whole of India’s north-east!
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