Bangladesh Moving Towards Radical Islam

Islamic fundamentalism had been imported to Bangladesh from Saudi Arabia by the followers of Wahabism around two hundred years ago. During the British colonial period, the Wahabis led by one Syed Ahmed declared India 'Darul Harb' and locked themselves in a war against the Shikhs in Punjab and against the British everywhere else in a bid to establish the 'Darul Harb' brand of Islam. Theologically speaking, their views about Islam were utterly timeworn and conservative.
Is Bangladesh Embracing Radical Islam Steadily?
The question may send a shudder through the backbones of many liberal people and certainly of the minority Hindus in the country (left in the lurch already) but the manner in which cadres of Bangladesh Jamaat-e- Islami party, largest Islamist party in Bangladesh, ran amok and held different parts of the country to ransom virtually on Tuesday brings forth this concern only.
Please Click on the Following Link to Read the ull Report:!/2012/12/bangladesh-moving-towards-radical-islam.html


Unknown said…
ya so, what's the problem, you mind your business and they will theirs

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