Can Bengal take on this new Islamic fundamentalism?

Successive rejections of bail pleas of Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, stemming from a heinous gambit (outright political) to contain the insubordinate Hindu views (on the rise) have made the administration and secular political forum (cutting across political lines) elated but we, commoners in the Indian state of Bengal, find a grave danger in it.

Administration, hell-bent to subdue Hindus, is neglecting the state’s security badly and with each day it passes, every development imperils the same saga.    

The Shahbag struggle in the realm of Bangladesh has led to a political crisis in that country, unparalleled in every capacity. The reigning mindset of populace and Bangladesh government have made Islamists there panic-stricken and the fright that Jamaat-e-Islami may be outlawed have left only option before them – to intrude on the land of India, find out a safe haven there with the help of local Islamists and remain here till everything in Bangladesh gets normal.

As per fresh reports that are coming in, the same mindset governs both rank and file and leadership of Jamaat in Bangladesh and accordingly, there has been a surge in illegal migration of Muslims from Bangladesh to India.

A few officials of present Bengal government (on condition of anonymity) have affirmed the reports and according to them, a large number of Jamaat leaders from Bangladesh have found safe haven in and around the metropolis of Kolkata. A chunk of Jamaat rank and file is located in the bordering districts of Murshidabad and Malda. 

One of these distinguished leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh happens to be Sahadat Hussain, s/o late Makbul Hussain, inhabitant of village: Mulagarh, P.S. Fakirhat, District: Bagerhat. He entered India, with the help of local accomplices, of late.

Who are these local accomplices? There is no end to it simply as the support to anti-Shahbag struggle, led by Jamaal-e-Islami, is rising steadily among Muslim radicals in this part of border. The majority of Muslims in Bengal, if not more, is against the language of progressiveness and secularism, regarded as the best and greatest fallout of Shahbag movement, in an Islamic state.

Even if this report has been quashed by mainstream media in Bengal, on February 28, 2013, soon after the announcement of death penalty to Delwar Hossain Sayeedi by International Crimes Tribunal for crimes against humanity in Dhaka, Islamists assembled in Deganga market, scene of Hindu persecution in 2010, blocked the main road off for almost an hour in protest and also burnt an effigy of Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Later, police went there and cleared the main road.

Can the Bengal administration, complacent enough to cancel bail pleas of Tapan Ghosh repeatedly, save the state from this surge in Islamic fundamentalism? Chances of its failure in this context are getting apparent ever more. 


Ahmed said…
Tell me why you are ignoring Delhi?
It is necessary to focus on Jamianagar, the single largest Muslim settlement in India and the most prosperous and most notorious for its links with high profile terrorists acts and acts of espionage and communal oriented criminal acts and home Of shady and plethora of diabolical NGOs kinship based interstate and transnational criminal networks. It will take volumes to enumerate chilling details. Slush funds more than 10 times the budget of the country is one of their most powerful weapons.

MCD demolished scores of structures even if a single floor was added in adjoining Hindu dominated pockets and in contrast in Jamianagar they have been building high rise buildings in multitudes for decades .

It is alleged that these people are masters of proxies, and cloak and dagger tactics and sabotages.

It is alleged that MCD officials were bribed to get buildings of Hindus demolished.

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