Hindu Samhati’s Protest March in Bangaon

Quelling the passivity of Hindus in the Indian state of Bengal whenever Hindu persecution gets all time high in Bangladesh, Hindu Samhati, on March 6, 2013, brought out a massive protest march in the border town of Bangaon, District: 24 Paraganas (South), leading to a shudder within the local administration.

Slogans and determination to resist ongoing Hindu persecution in Bangladesh rocked the vicinity.

The valorous marching of Hindu activists also sounded the Hindu aversion against Indian administration regarding the recent Islamic attack on Hindus at Naliakhali, Canning where at least 200 Hindu residences were looted, followed by arson and Pakistani Jehadi savagery on Indian soldiers stationed at Jammu & Kashmir border.      


mamai said…
Mr. Tapan Ghosh,

Why don't Hindu Samhati do not contest in elections? Otherwise you will never be able to channelize the collective anger of Hindus into anything meaningful. Don't trust BJP to do the job for you, since they are banking upon Mamata Banu's support in 2014 and don't want to antagonize her.


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