Ashru : An exhibition on the atrocities against the Hindus of Bangladesh

Hindu Samhati & FACT (Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism - New Delhi) to organise Ashru : An exhibition on the atrocities against the Hindus of Bangladesh.

Hindu Samhati & FACT will organise Ashru (tears), an exhibition on the shocking persecution that has been and is being inflicted against the Hindu minority in Bangladesh. The Exhibition shall be held from the 1st till the 6th of April, 2008, at Thakurnagar, on the holy occasion of the birthday of Sri Sri Harichand Thakur - a great social and religious reformer of the 18th century and the founding Guru of the Matuya Sect (a Vaishnav Sect). Every year a huge religious gathering and celebration, involving hundreds of thousands of bhaktas, is organised at Thakurnagar in West Bengal on the occasion of the birthday (Janma tithi) of Sri Sri Harichand Thakur.

Below is the Pamphlet prepared by Hindu Samhati for this exhibition.

HS pamphlet - Ashru Thakurnagar

English translation of the above leaflet:


5, Bhuban Dhar Lane, Kolkata-700012.

On the occasion of the Holy Matuya Gathering at Thakurnagar


(Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism)

Jointly Presents


Subject: The persecuted minorities in our neighbouring state of Bangladesh.

Date: From 1st to 6th April, 2008

Venue: Taltalla More (Crossing), Thakurbari Road, Thakurnagar


The Exhibition will be inaugurated by Sri Keshav Rao Dikshit, esteemed Senior Pracharak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Chief Guest - Sri Aditya Roy, noted Social Activist

Special Guest - Sri Virendra Chaudhary, Central Convenor, FACT (New Delhi)


With Regards

Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh

Convenor, Hindu Samhati

Sri Mihir Nag

Jt. Convenor, Hindu Samhati


Hindu Samhati seeks the blessings and participation of our dear readers to make this programme a success.


Dharmocrat said…
Can you please create a web-version of this same presentation? This much neglected genocide needs to be given international exposure.

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