Cow Smuggling ... it's How Bangladesh Gets its Beef

In Muslim majority Bangladesh beef is in high demand.

More than 90 percent of the 160 million people who live there are Muslims and for them beef is a delicacy.

More than 2 million cows are smuggled from India to Bangladesh every year and most of the illegal trade takes place through the Indian border state of West Bengal.

Bangladeshi slaughterhouses cannot source even 1 million cows from within the country. If Indian cows do not reach the Bangladeshi slaughterhouses, there will be a big crisis there. 

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malathi said…
I am not sure how every one feels but I always cry when I see pictures like these. What an we do? Perhaps if there is no demand for milk than farmers will not be interested in raring cows. Now the problem is when the cow stops giving the milk then the farmer is unable to feed the cow and it become food for many cultures. Here in USA Vegan and Soya products are replacing cow milk. In India also we all should start thinking by replacing milk with plant based products. If many people are interested we can do something togather.

malathi said…
I agree with the statement.
moneyjihad said…
What methods are available to stop the smuggling? Is law enforcement up to the task?

Is there a way to poison, taint, or genetically modify a cow's meat to make it unfit for human consumption, without injuring the cow or tainting the milk?

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