Press Release on Ban on Cow Slaughter & Consumption of Cow Flesh throughout the State of West Bengal

We believe that the Government is liable to treat everybody’s religious sentiments with due respect. In accordance with this, Hindu Samhati sent a letter to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal requesting her to ban slaughter and trade of beef throughout the State. It, further, requested to begin the process during the four days of Durga Puja, i.e. from 19th October to 22nd October, 2015, the greatest festival of Bengali Hindus. We requested the government to strictly conform to the West Bengal Animal Slaughter Control Act 1950 which was ruled by Supreme Court also. In reply to this, however CM has clearly expressed her stand by postponing the immersion of Durga Idols by 2 days because of celebration of Muharram by Muslims.

It’s also being propagandized that beef ban would harm the religious sentiment of Minorities. However eating beef is not a ritual mentioned in any religious scriptures of Islam. So, banning on slaughter of beef does not violate the religious sentiment of Muslims in any sense. However, in India, the beef eating and cow slaughter have been associated with the religion of Islam in such a way that demand for ban has become synonymous with hurting the minority sentiment.

We believe that despite having no relation between eating beef and religious sentiment of Muslims, the trend of increasing cow slaughter in Hindu majority areas is being done only to hurt the religious sentiment of Hindus. We strongly condemn this evil intention of communal disharmony. We request all sensible citizens of WB to come forward and protest against this conspiracy.

 We have taken an initiative to send a signed mass petition to the Honorable CM. We got support from Hindus from all corner of the society irrespective of their political inclination. We also got support from respected members of various social organizations. We shall decide the next step of this movement according to the response we receive from administration.


Devdutta Maji
Vice President, Hindu Samhati



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