AMU Study Center movement, Kishenganj propels neo-radicals

What has taken place in Kishenganj, Bihar, under the aegis of Islamic students drumming up strong protests against delay in establishment of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Study Center through immobilizing extensive rail communication system in Eastern India for hours is no unusual.

Perhaps we have reached the age when it is no longer possible for us to remain confined within a room and have our legitimate rights from adversaries. Surely, prior to doing so there is the need of a proper, constitutional mindset – absence of which appears to be the greatest impediment these days.

But another suitable term must also be assigned to the entire movement – audacity. Without tacit support of the governance the movement could not have been so audacious. The rage expressed in the movement also reminded quondam warriors of the heyday of Pakistan movement. Is this a new beginning?


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