Psychological Warfare Against Hindus

There is no need of any sectarian outlook or even profound knowledge to perceive and comprehend the mounting (wildest) attacks on Hindu belief (confined no longer in India only) across the globe and without a shred of doubt this intensive psychological warfare is not tormenting Hindus only but is compelling them also to realize that the fast Hindu Dharma is left the better it is.

Well, application of the word warfare (in this context) is perhaps quite gentle. Warfare is an active struggle between competing entities whereas this is one of the best specimens of pogrom continuing hitherto (throughout the globe); Hindus have not been able to build up any resistance against this deadliest attack, not to speak of waging any such.

If Hindus have got to exist, it is high time to wage a (virile) ideological counter attack. Not a step back, such is the call of Dharma.

How can it be done?

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