Politics of Muslim Appeasement in India

On March 26, 1940, the leaders of the Muslim League, the political front of Indian Muslims, raised the issue of creation of Pakistan as a separate Muslim homeland; and on August 14-15, 1947, the partition of India into two independent states, India and Pakistan , became a reality. At that time, the Muslim population in undivided India was 23 percent, but Pakistan received 32 percent of the land area. The most appropriate step after the partition was to carry out population exchange, or send the entire Muslim population of the divided India to Pakistan and bring all Hindus and other non-Muslims from Pakistan to India . This exchange of population, a logical part of the partition, was included in the original Pakistan proposal by the Muslim League. Most importantly, after communal riot in Bihar , M A Jinnah requested the Government of India to carry out population exchange as early as possible. But it could not be undertaken due to staunch opposition of M K Gandhi. He termed it an absurd and impractical proposal, for the sake of his politics of Muslim appeasement.

Viceroy Louis Mountbatten, the then Governor General of India, Dr B R Ambedkar and many other nationalist leaders of the Congress Party were staunch supporter of the said population exchange and advised Jawaharlal Nehru to carry out the same without delay. But Nehru submitted to Gandhi's will. As a result, except for those who willingly migrated, a large number of Muslims happily stayed back in India , while a much smaller of Hindus stayed behind in Islamic Pakistan. Nonetheless, most of the Hindus who stayed back were gradually kicked out of Pakistan over the years. It is needless to say that had the said population exchange been carried out, many of India 's major problems of today would have been averted. Firstly, the politics of Muslim appeasement would not have arisen in today's India and secondly, there would not have any need to appoint the Sachar Committee to asses the social, educational and other conditions of Muslims.

M K Gandhi, the prophet of nonviolence, was indeed the father of politics of Muslim appeasement in India , as will be reveled in following examples. It is well known that whenever the Muslims attack a Hindu settlement, they, in addition to killing, looting and setting their houses on fire, rape the Hindu women. Gandhi's appeasement of these horror acts of Muslims was simply mindless. In the 6 July 1926 edition of Navajivan, Gandhi wrote that "He would kiss the feet of the (Muslim) violator of the modesty of a sister" (Mahatma Gandhi, D Keer, Popular Prakashan, p. 473). As Muslims began raping the Hindu and Sikh women in large numbers in the course of the partition, Gandhi advised that if a Muslim expressed his desire to rape a Hindu or a Sikh lady, she should never refuse, but cooperate with him. She should lie down like a dead with her tongue in between her teeth. Thus the rapist Muslim would be satisfied soon and leave her. (D Lapierre and L Collins, Freedom at Midnight, p. 479).

Being the most trusted and most loyal stooge of the British Empire, it was not possible for Gandhi to demand India 's independence and to hoodwink the common people, he imported a vague and mysterious concept called swaraj (self-rule), for which he was fighting. And Hindu-Muslim amity was the most fundamental precondition for his swaraj. And the so-called Hindu-Muslim amity, his mindless Muslim appeasement became indispensable. Hindus were supposed to make every sacrifice and endure all the oppressions and heinous crimes of Muslims without protest for the sake of Hindu-Muslim amity. The legacy of this Gandhian politics of Muslim appeasement is now, under the garb of secularism, is being carried forward by the Congress Party.

Muslims Trail in Education, Employment and Land Holdings

From this discussion, it becomes evident that the Muslims have no legal, moral and ethical right to stay in India. They should have immediately shifted to Pakistan or Bangladesh, the Muslim homeland they created in 1947 at the cost of immense bloodshed. Obviously, it is the generosity and liberality of Hindus that allowed them to live on in India. Yet, they have little sympathy or respect for India . Instead, being led by the jihadi teachings of the Koran, they are preparing themselves to conquer India for Islam and turn it into a dar-ul-Islam as soon as possible. We have seen above, how this jihadi mentality and their reluctance to join and co-operate with the mainstream Indians is pulling them from behind in the race of progress and advancement. India is progressing, Hindus and all other non-Muslim communities of India are progressing, while Muslims-handicapped by their Islam, Allah and Koran-are trailing behind all other communities.


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