Brutal police repression on Hindus in Asansol to appease Muslim miscreants

Hindu youth dies on the spot

While the sun remains unvarying days and climates do change – likewise even if a sweeping change has altered political scenario in Bengal, some issues remain consistent – appeasement of Muslims and religious persecution of Hindus by Islamic fundamentalism and its ugliest expression was witnessed on October 06, 2011(auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami) at Asansol city of Bardhaman district when Sujit Kumar Verma, 18 year old Hindu youth, succumbed to death following a bullet injury. The bullet, without a shred of doubt, was fired by police to quell Hindus protesting against police effort to subdue their legitimate rights of going through their traditional route following the immersion of Holy Deity of Goddess Durga. The entire police effort was designed to placate a band of riotous Muslims.

It has been learnt, bullet entered through throat of Sujit and exited through his ear; he died on the spot as a result. Sujit Kumar Verma was playing music in a band party which was accompanying the Korapara Hanuman Akhara procession with Durga Mata deity meant for immersion (bisarjan).

It is worthwhile to mention that the same Akhara procession happens to be a regular annual program. This year, at about (around) 7 am, while the procession was passing through Hutton Road of Asansol city, a Muslim boy came out from the Hutton Road Mosque and disconnected the wire of the microphone of the music on the ground of disturbance of (in) Namaz. This resulted into a scuffle between the Hindus and Muslims. However police took prompt action and no major untoward incident happened (had taken place). Police made arrangements to pass the procession devoid of much disturbance.

But it was not the end in any way.

When the procession was returning, Muslims, at the crossing of Ramdhani Mor (crossing), created obstruction and demanded that the procession should go through another route. Bowing down to their unfounded demand, police too ordered the procession to (be re-routed) take the other route. Hindus in the procession, naturally, refused to obey the order and lodged strong protest against such a nasty effort.

Hindus stated clearly, since formal police permission had (already) been obtained0, they would go through the same traditional route. So, they stuck to the old traditional route. The refusal led to the initiation of severe clashes between the two communities andseveral shops of the Hindus were simply torched and destroyed.

To quash the situation, police started lathicharge and firing tear gas shells. But astonishingly, the entire police force was directed towards the Hindus only. Hundreds Hindus including women and children, if not more got heavily injured. In due course police opened fire, as a result of which Sujit Verma died, although police denied that it is their bullet (but they failed to explain if it was not their bullet, how could Muslims use it in presence of them and went with impunity). The body of Sujit Verma was taken to hospital (The post mortem report must substantiate the origin of bullet).

What happened next was a brutal police repression on Hindus in the environs.

During the same night, police started raiding the Hindu areas, mainly the thor Parasweeper menlocality) and arresting them. Seven Hindus were rounded up and beaten up by the police black and blue. Five of the arrested Hindus, having severe injuries thanks to brutal police repression, are admitted in Asansol Sub divisional Hospital at the moment.

What has been the role of political parties in this regard? All political parties, including the ruling Trinamool Congress, have been backing Muslims and leaving no stone unturned to coerce police to take stringent actions against the Hindus to please their Muslim vote bank.

Repression of innocent Hindus has created a sensation in the city of Asanasol, undoubtedly. All Hindus of Asansol, cutting across political line, are extremely aggrieved by the torture and injustice upon the Hindus. Accordingly, all the markets of Asansol are closed since that clash. Today on 9 October, a daylong ndhas been called by the Asansol Akhara Committee and City Durgapuja Coordination Committee. Asansol is (in) standstill today.

Last but not least, on the same day, a few Muslim miscreants damaged the Durga Mandir under construction at Bastin Bazar.


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