Stop Cow Slaughter – Now

We have already reported that heralding a historic decision, through an interim order, a Division Bench of Hon’ble Calcutta High Court has asked the state to put the provisions West Bengal Animal Slaughter (Control) Act, 1950, if any cow slaughter on Bakr-e-Id is brought to its notice, into operation. (Kindly go through to learn the matter in depth).

And there is hardly any doubt that the stern observation of Calcutta High Court of the same has stimulated Hindus, after centuries, to hope for a day when there will not be any form of slaughter of cows and hence, no affront to Hinduism in any way.

Now the question remains whether the state administration defying its own craving for Muslim votes, to save its own skin and kith and kin, will dare to implement the same. The issue is quite clear – there can’t be any more deception to Hindus. Whether the reigning Bengal government, conforming to judicial instructions, can put an end to cow slaughter is a matter to be observed but any failure on its part is not a contempt of court only but a gross failure to safeguard Hindu conviction also.

Cow slaughter has got to be stopped – come what may or else aggrieved Hindus will realize once again that laws of Union of India are effete to save their dignity – a realization that will vitiate (ruin) coming days only.


tapas said…
Since cow slaughtering is hurting the sentiments of more than 80% of indias population including hindus and sikhs it should be banned, if needed strictly and forcefully otherwise it will not stop in a polite manner.

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