All for Islamists…………. Imams blessed in Bengal

What is Mamata’s definition of Secularism?

Without doubt, the real face of much-talked “Poriborton” of Trinamool-Congress led government or the party struggling for establishing the saga of Ma Mati Manush (Mother Motherland People) in Bengal is getting more evident now and the best way to comprehend the same is to figure out its hell-bent approaches to knuckle under to notions of bettering Islamists. Mamata Banerjee (Chief Minister of Bengal), as declared earlier, was found to confer financial blessings on Imams across the state on April 3, 2012.

It must be noted that these (first and foremost) intentions of the reigning political clique was explained painstakingly in this website a few days before.

Didi (Bengal CM is referred by her supporters with affection thus) proved to be too generous on the same day and her annunciations (to empower Islamists throughout the state) ranging from rending a monthly stipend of Rs 2,500 for the State’s 30,000 Imams to an assortment of other facilities including housing schemes and funds for education of their children evoked a great endorsement and empathy (to her) among Imams present in the jam-packed Netaji Indoor Stdium, Kolkata. 

While annunciating her noble plans, Mamata Didi stated outright, “We don’t have funds as we have to shell out Rs 22,000 crore towards payment of interest on loans taken by the earlier Left Front Government. Still I have the heart to do something for my Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Didi did not end here as she was desperate to win Islamist hearts (by any mans). And being an advocate (?) she does remain aware of legal hindrances as well; this was found once more when on earth she stated, “As I am not conversant with the Muslim ways I have decided to create a task force.” Analysts do confirm that this was said to steer clear of legal embarrassments; allowance would be paid through the Ministry of Wakf from now on. Some newer pledges were heard also; these include eligibility of Imams to apply for houses and three cottahs of land under the Nijo Bhumi Nijo Griha (Own Land, Own House)" scheme.

“The money will be given through the Wakf Board and the proposals will be made effective from the Bengali New Year if it is approved by the members of a Task Force Committee to be formed with Imams as members,” was also declared. And the task force consists of senior Imams, Muslim leaders like Toha Siddiqui, Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan’s mosque. There would be another retired judge in the committee as well. He/she would have the authority to recommend aforesaid Islamic leaders’ suggestions to the Chief Minister.

Here is something more. Imams, in accordance with the Chief Minister, would also be provided stipend for the education of their children. And here Didi outsmarts her detractors who may raise fingers at these or get vocal terming all these a pretense – considering the situation of cash-strapped Bengal government nowadays. The new Government had already achieved a 73 per cent hike in fund allocation to the minority welfare department, Chief Minister said.

Didi was also found to state that the Bengal Government was surveying the Muslim community of the State to give them effective counsel as mentioned in the Sacchhar Committee report.

Can Didi be generous to Hindus likewise? We can’t be so confident without doubt; she has not said a bit to better Hindus in three Muslim Majority districts of Malda, Murshidabad and Uttar Dinajpur and as regards 100 Muslim majority blocks in West Bengal.

Didi has done all these eyeing the precious Muslim votes, necessary to win the impending Panchayat election. She does depend on Hindu votes too but these people can be tamed easily. Isn’t it?


ARYAN said…
Mamta Banerjee is a betrayer in the disguise of a C.M. All she understands is just appeasing the muslims and neglecting the indigenous Hindus. Bcoz she knows that unlike muslims the Hindus are intellectual enough to utilize their votes. But the day when Hindu authority will be established the supporters of cpi(m),tmc and the islamist goons have to run for shelter.
sabyasachi said…
Didi, u can not purchase vote with tax payers money. please pay the imam from ur party fund... why the hindu pundits & christian fathers r neglected

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