Why the silence for persecuted Hindus?

Religious persecution on the hapless minority community of Hindus in Pakistan is nothing new; it has become an old reality by now even if there has never been end to it thus far.

Hindus, in the realm of Pakistan, can be persecuted on the slightest pretext; at times no pretext is essential even. If you are a Hindu lady (even if an elderly one), you can easily be robbed or molested or both at the same instant; forget of the younger ones – vulnerable to all forms of attacks forever and a day and can also be ravished and forced to change religion depending on whims of Islamists.

What makes onlookers to all these more flabbergasted is the inhuman dearth of sane voices against these worst instances of human rights violations. State happens to be the protector of all, especially the minority communities, and the same is found in India with brightness as well.

Perhaps here we can find a decent voice.

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ARYAN said…
Is a common lethargy or minority centric politics of politicians to revere the worthless muslims and neglect the noble Hindus..........
taraknath said…
Is a political gimmick in bengal to protect the muslims and neglect the Hindus. All is required that all the Hindus residing in bengal must together vote for a party which can protect their interests. And in future India must be declared a Hindu nation where we will protect the people of every religion irrespective of what is being done in bangladesh or pakistan to Hindus.

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