RAF deployed to inhibit Islamists’ efforts to seize vested land in Chingripota, Noongi

Hindus apprehend Islamists planning to wreak havoc

Commotions and combats are not anything new in the area of Chingripota – Noongi, P.S. Maheshtala, District: 24 Paragnas (South) in the Indian state of Bengal. The entire area, being a stronghold of Islamists, has been a source of disturbance for the administration and people, in particular Hindus. However, there is a similarity; like other areas Islamists here also remain recklessly determined to steer clear of Hindus and hence, no opportunity is wasted ever to expel Hindus from the locality. Such an approach was perceived of late regarding a vehement dispute over 1 bigha vested land. 

It is to be noted, both Hindus and Muslims of the locality were using the same tract for their own purposes. However, as per sources, Islamists have prepared legal (sham) papers to get hold of the vast land. 

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