A cycle for each minority Muslim girl student – Didi’s newest benevolence

What’s of girls of other minority communities?

Parochial Bengal government sets new standard of shamelessness

Didi is recklessly determined as usual (in her own style) and to further her own views, reigning Bengal government is all set to render a free cycle to each and every Muslim girl student and the cudgel of this responsibility falls on West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation. It has been learnt that the cash strapped Bengal government has already obtained the necessary fund for this job and Muslim girl students of both Madrasa and other schools, from Class IX to Class XII, will be provided this unique facility. Even if officials of Minorities Development have already stated that such facilities shall be given to wretched Muslim girl students only, conflicting statements have made the saga unscrupulous only.

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taraknath said…
It is a political move from TMC to win the political votes of muslims and create a vicious atmosphere for the Hindus. Any girl irrespective of any religion is ought to be protected and facilitated.

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