A few talks with Rajiv Malhotra

Mr.  Rajiv Malhotra – the name is enough to make people know who he is and why is he being talked about here.

Well, every beginning has its own beginning to and hence, to do it one has got to know his personality, his struggles in the globe for upholding Hindu pride and how he has been serving as a true Hindu warrior in the United States of America.

What are the basic attributes of Mr.  Rajiv Malhotra then? He is an Indian-American author, philanthropist, public speaker and writer on current affairs, world religions and cross-cultural encounters. But above all he has devoted his life to defend Hindu views and interest in the global scenario.

More will be known while going through this interview.

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ARYAN said…
My pure obeisance to such great champions of Hinduism. I just wish to follow on the footsteps of such leaders who come out of the bluemoon to save Hinduism and challenge the minority appeasement of government.

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