CPIM demands reservations for Muslims in job, other sectors too

Appeasement sets to be cornerstone in Indian politics  

When revered Didi favors an issue can CPIM be far behind from doing the same? It can’t be by any means; and when the issue is to privilege Islamists to preserve own secular credentials, both are witnessed to be at loggerheads. Didi has already bestowed millions of notes, as regards ranging from fixing Imam’s salary from state exchequer to an assortment of other measures (administration’s growing indifference to nab Islamist criminals being the prime), for bettering Islamists. Now it’s the turn of CPIM to grow to be the self-proclaimed custodian of Islamists.

Both to recover its support and confidence among Muslims and also to retain its pro-minority image, CPIM, through its 20 th Party Congress, has demanded 10 per cent reservation for Muslims in central government jobs and educational institutions. In accordance with the party, Ranganathan Mishra Commission had the same recommendation as well. Even if identical views regarding other minority communities were found among topmost party brass also, those were quite feeble.     

Here is the synopsis of CPIM’s latest revelation. Even if CPIM had been enjoying a considerable support among the Islamic populace in Bengal in the last few decades, last few years did perceive the reverse only, according to political – organizational report of the party, authorized by its leadership. The report states without reservation, CPIM has been failing to have the confidence of Muslims and this danger is growing by leaps and bounds with each year it passes.  And the effect of landslide is such that party cadres are yet to recover from it. Hence, no innovative measure to contact Muslims in the state has been adopted yet. What is more, Mamata’s recent approaches to ameliorate Muslims, like strengthening lot of Imams, are going to be too large to outdo them in the coming Panchayat election as well. As per party’s pundits, party suffered the same disaster in last assembly election in Kerala.

Hence, without any qualm, it can be said, coming days will perceive a new form of CPIM, interested more to placate Islamists to retain mainstay of the party than to fight for social causes.  

Will the saga of reservation be for Muslim industrialists of India also? Let’s go through the short list.

Along with a market capitalization of Rs 90,000 crore, and 81 percent shares in Wipro, globally acclaimed computer and BPO giant, Azim Premji, venerable Wipro head remains among the richest Indians counted at the moment. .

What’s of Habil Khorakiwala and Y K Hamid then? Habil Khorakiwala is the Chairman of pharma company, Wockhardt Ltd (having a market capitalization of Rs 5,000 crore and a fast expanding business presence in Europe and America), while Y K Hamid happens to be the chairman and managing director of Cipla, notable chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturing company, expanding its tentacles in different parts of the globe as well. Will these persons or their kith and kin be entitled to reservation for Muslims exclusively?

Here is a question. Whom would CPIM support in a brawl between a Muslim peasant and Muslim landholder? A great confusion………………. 


ARYAN said…
Its crystal clear that cpi(m) is contesting tmc on the grounds of appeasement of muslims. They hell care about the indigenous Hindus and are always making a mockery of democracy and secularism. Soon Bengal will return to its old ways of Hindu nationalism and the rest of India will follow it.........

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