Will Mamata cater for distressed Hindu priests of Bengal as well?

Is Didi ready to go through this acid test?

Why will Hindu priests be abandoned even if Imams are being privileged? This can’t be in any way and without a shred of doubt, any such approach will never be accepted. Reigning Trinamool Congress-led government belongs to everybody instead of any precise community. Thus speaks Pandit Samaj, an organization of Hindu priests in the Indian state of Bengal – determined to have financial assistances for priests, especially distressed ones, from the governance.

With this end in view, the organization has asked Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minster of Bengal, to provide financial assistance to Hindu priests and in this respect Didi’s bounteous gifts to Islamists, above all to the state's Muslim clerics in the form of a monthly honorarium of Rs 2,500, remains a burning example to them.

When asked of the existing reality for Hindu priests in Bengal, Pandit Murari Mohan Vedantaditirtha Shastri, leading member of Pandit Samaj, said unequivocally, “We have been neglected during the long leftist rule of 36 years.”

He also said, “We hope that the Trinamool Congress-led government would think about the Hindu priests, too, because they are also poor.” “We want an honorarium of Rs 5,000 per month for all senior priests along with benefits which have been made available to the Imams.”

Whether the Bengal CM would look after these people is not known but in its absence not the true character of secularism will be desecrated only but the recently announced sops to cater for the Muslim minority population will be censured also.  Frequent visits to Belur Math will not solve the burgeoning problem then.

Is the Bengal CM accountable for the state’s minority Islamic population only? 


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