Hindu Samhati feels need of Hindu democratic struggles to stop rising onslaughts

April meeting asks Hindu youth to face the reality, get forthright

April, 2012 meeting of Hindu Samhati happens to be seminal; while on one hand, it did accentuate the fast deteriorating situation (as regards mounting onslaughts on Hindus) in the length and breadth of Bengal, it also gave emphasis to need of forming democratic mass struggles to protest against the burgeoning oppressions on Hindus, parochial designs to better Imams being the latest. 

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ARYAN said…
I do agree with this statement of struggle for Hindu democracy.The government is just incapable to protect us against Islamic terror,forced conversion, murder,rape and other insults. And above all what a shame that Hindus are being exploited in Hindustan itself.Mamta Banerjee is perhaps unaware of Bengal history where greats like: Pratapaditya, Sitaram Ray, Ballal Sen etc. fought for the establishment of Hindu kingdom. Well sooner or later the land of Bengal will see the rise of Hindu democracy and its struggle for justice.

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