Didi’s new gifts to Islamist brothers

Hindus go down once more in Bengal

What should you do to live in Bengal decently? All you have to do, before anything else, is to become a Muslim – and everything is free, ranging from land to reserved jobs, for you then. Come on! This is not communalism but a pious job – best and only way to prove your secular credentials.

Disbelieving still? Go through the following facts.  

If everything goes right, Muslims in the Indian state of Bengal will get another chunk of the sumptuous cake of reservation before long, thanks to their and only theirs Didi. Newer bills are going to be introduced (by Bengal government) in the current session of Assembly to settle reservations of OBC groups in governmental jobs. And that will benefit Islamists also more than others. Newer groups of Islamists are being included in this category – being stretched like an elastic band  with each day it passes.

According to governmental sources, on account of the new (impending) bill, almost 98% of Muslims in Bengal will come under the horizon of reservation. A Trinamool minister has already stated, “Other than Mughal, Pathan, Afgha and Syed, all groups of Muslims will be under the OBC category.”

Trinamool-led Bengal government, at the same instant,  is all set to heighten budget of minority department by 73% also, inconceivable for a cash-strapped state making lots of hue and cry for Central-funded moratorium round the clock. Rs. 570 crores has been allocated for the minority department!

What will Hindus do then? Should they remain blind like their ancestors and continue as sacks of potatoes amongst political parties? They have got to find out the answer all alone.

Reason? Bengal will soon have jobs for groups (especially Islamists) falling under reservation status only while youths of majority community will have to watch the same painlessly and thus, give birth to a new definition of pauperism. The new age paupers will be those who are decried for being Hindus. Who cares if ideals of Secular Democratic Republic are outraged in consequence?

Secularism, bogey for Hindus altogether, remains the only aphorism these days – if you hope to have an accomplished political career, you have got to quash your opinionative spirit.

Before I go, the exponential bestowment for Muslims is too hard to digest and is utterly outrageous. It endangers Hindus in Bengal only. Hindus have no hope in Bangladesh and Bengal is moving towards the same oblivion.  

Economic growth will give a fillip to Islamic fundamentalism. And its ominous sounds are getting apparent already. 


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