New Muslim party imminent in Bengal

Leftist Razzak Mollah counts on Muslim-Dalit alliance to exterminate Hindus once and for all

Old strategy to create new Pakistan?

When the podium to establish an Islamic domination has already been prepared by 34-year-long rule of Left Front and also of Didi’s suzerainty (following), how the dream to form an Islamic party can be far behind? And the same pious (?) job is being done by Abdur Razzak Mollah, well-known CPI-M leader and former minister of Left Front government, (likes to present himself as Chasir Beta most) these days and all these became apparent on June 17, 2012 at a symposium titled ‘Implementation of Article 30 of Constitution of India for Educational uplift of Muslim Minority’ held at Sishubikash College of Education Auditorium, Chakberia-Makrampur, District: 24 Parganas (South).        

The convention was attended by an assortment of dignitaries including Professor of Rabindra Bharati University Suranjan Midday, Ex Joint Register of Calcutta University Nitish Biswas, Ex Judicial Register Harbinder Singh, Dr. Joyprakash Bej, Tofail Ahmed, Advocate Kazi Nurul Islam Intaj Ali Shah – Chairman of the Minority Commission of West Bengal, Santosh Rana – Naxalite leader, Mr Abul Kashem Munshi – noted social worker and Constitution expert, Miratun Nahar – renowned social activist and educationalist. The conference was anchored by Abdur Rashid Molla and Abdus Shukur.

However, it must be said that the rhetoric of Razzak Mollah (allegedly daredevil) was not against the Hindus en masse but very much against the Brahmins or Brahminist ruling class whose ruling with direct influence on administration, as said by him,  has been solely responsible for the steady decline of Bengal. What he was also found to state is that the Brahmin Raj replaced British Raj and its representatives including Buddhadev Bhattacharya (comrade of his own party) followed by Mamata Banerjee have been merciless to the weaker sections of the society including Muslims, SCs, STs and OBCs forming 81% of Bengal’s population.             

“In our country Brahmin Raj is continuing. Like West Bengal, Buddhadev Bhattacharya has gone, but another Brahmin Mamata Banarjee has come to the seat of Chief Ministership,” Razzak Mollah said. He also said that only reservation for Muslims in all sections of society like education and job can ensure the community’s interest and to do the same all Muslims, cutting across political lines, must come to the forefront. And if necessary the Constitution of India must be amended as well!   

What are his upcoming programs then? He said explicitly that there is a growing need to organize mass movements containing weaker sections from both Muslims and Hindus. In this context, his inspiration remains `Krishak Praja Party’ of 1940s formed by Abul Kashem Fazlul Haque. He is also planning to celebrate birthdays of Abul Kashem Fazlul Haque and Jogen Mandal. It is worthwhile to mention that Jogen Mandal was made Minister for Law and Labor in the Government of Pakistan. Nevertheless, Jogen Babu, despite being a Central Minister in the Parliament of Pakistan, had to take refuge in Indian Bengal all the way following the outbreak of Barisal genocide in 1950; he submitted his resignation from Indian Bengal.   

Will he take on his own party CPIM then? Razzak Mollah stated, without any hesitation, no action of CPM would deter him. And here are his final advices to Muslims – they have got to organize themselves under a single organization avoiding differences of all sorts, learn modern education like science, mathematics to compete with Brahmins and other Hindus. 

Others who showed vitriol against Hindus included Intaj Ali Shah who cited ex-Bengal Chief Minister Siddhartha Shankar Roy’s speech in a Lawyer conference in 1971, where Mr. Roy had said that every police station ought to have a Muslim constable.   

Naxalite Santosh Rana, while speaking, wondered of the scarcity of Muslim schools in Bengal and emphasized the need of more residential Muslim schools in districts like Mushidabad. According to him, Muslim schools like ST residential schools at Jhargram in West Midnapur must be built and reserved for Muslims entirely. The veteran Left leader concluded that Muslim society can develop counting on reservations only.

The greater part of the audience contained various representatives of Muslim private schools in different places of Bengal.
Formation of an umbrella organization, `Forum for Minority School’, to fight for Muslim education rights in Bengal was announced in the end.

Should we conclude here or gear up to avoid more sinister onslaughts on Hindus in Bengal?

The only thing left to Hindus is – Struggle. Either they have to struggle or perish.  

"Veer Bhogya Vasundhara" – “The Brave Shall inherit the Earth"


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