Hindu victims of Love Jihad found everywhere – from brothel to death bed

What’s the first and foremost fallout of Love Jihad? It’s needless to say that the victim (a Hindu woman undeniably) will either turn out to be a dumb spectator to domestic brutality in an Islamic household or be sold in the flesh market against a lavish price or succumb to death before long. Such experiences are shared by all victims and hence, what has befallen the Hindu girl, victim of Love Jihad and sold to a red-light district in Pune, recovered recently, is not new.

The Hindu lady had a brisk love affair with Palash Das alias Salim, dwelling in Tatra – Basirhat, (even if Salim was already married) who feigning to marry took her to a brothel in Pune, sold her at Rs. 60, 000 and fled from there.        

According to police, the incident took place in February 2012 and on the fateful day, the Hindu lady was taken to Sealdah station, they were joined by a few people including another woman there. The group compelled her to move to Budhbarpet Rameshwarur in Pune where she was sold ultimately.

Stupefied family members of her, back home in Basirhat, tried to search for her in all possible areas but the entire proved to be futile and finding no other way they lodged an official complaint to the local police station.  After months passed (family had lost all hope of her by then) the lady phoned her elder brother from Pune but the communication was short-lived.

Later on, Bengal police, with the help of local police in Pune, recovered her in Pune, on March 31, 2012. Palash was arrested on July 6. Along with Palash, Hafijul Sardar of Sarfarajpur in Baduria, Rekha Bibi of village: Banshjhari, MD Hussain of village: Akahrpur, culpable to boost the saga of Love Jihad in the vicinity for years, have also been arrested.

When the Hindu lady was asked to identify the culprits in Basirhat jail on Thursday, she couldn’t control herself and slapped Palash Das alias Salim crazily.

Rest is for you to settle on the fate of Bengal and Hindu women in the state……….      


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