Hindu Samhati’s charges of demographic invasion to India validated

5 Pakistanis arrested; tens of thousands of Bangladeshi Islamists yet to nabbed in Bengal

Hindu Samhati has often been indicted to give a fillip to communalization of society even if all know well disaster can’t be prevented with words only. However, since a large section of Hindus are failing to get conscious of history thus far they are doomed to repeat the same. What have been wrongs on our part? Hindu Samhati has been retaining one single point recurrently – Pakistani intruders exploiting India’s frivolity have been making our nation mainstay of their ominous designs. Is this untruth?

No – without a shred of doubt; the recent incident in Titagarh, Barrackpur resulting in the arrest of five Pakistanis, living for almost a year there in disguise, reveals tip of the iceberg only.     

According to reports, a team of DIB, District: Hooghly, arrested the said Pakistanis from Titagarh recently and handed them over to Sreerampore police and investigations as regards their prolonged stay there are going on.

What is most striking, following termination of their Visa these Pakistanis managed to have certificates (from local councilor) terming them as valid citizens of India! It has also been learnt that to steer clear of any controversy the Pakistanis burnt their own passports down. They have used certificates to make own bank accounts and PAN cards in Titagarh.

The culpable five Pakistanis are Nawab Khan (age 63), his wife Shahejan (age 58), his on Amir Khan (age 24), his two daughters – Ishrat (age 32) and Azrakhana (age 19).  

Is this the end? Not at all! On the contrary, it’s the beginning for the administration to ascertain how India’s sovereignty is being compromised (more and more) with each day it passes. Why doesn’t Indian administration conduct such raids in other parts of Bengal and unearth such brutal truth? It’s no longer secret that Bengal is encountering a demographic invasion at the moment.     

Hindu Samhati is a hard-core nationalist social organization and has been going through such precarious instances day in and day out.

Does administration of India have the time and also readiness to listen to us?  


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