Hindus losing Kolkata silently but steadily

What is the use of Poriborton (much hyped change factor by the reigning political party in Bengal) if its fails to better humans? Well I am wrong! Perhaps it has benefited all but not Hindus, facing severe droughts (in every aspect) in this one year. Alas, there was an expectation among Hindus in Bengal that the 34-year-long-Left rule (utterly anti-Hindu and hence, ominous) would come to an end with the change in corridors of power. But the situation is out of the frying pan into the fire already. Serious demographic changes are being perceived in several parts of metropolis of Kolkata – Hindus are giving way to Muslims and this is a sheer effect of political pressure, at the behest of state administration.         

What is being found these days – a complete and cruel demographic change – Hindu populace is shrinking in the metropolis with each day it passes and such areas are being supplanted by Muslims in large numbers. Areas which used to relish Hindu festivities till the other day are being turned into mainstays of Islamists – houses painted in green colors with Islamists strolling in alleys or thoroughfares (in next-door areas) are getting more and more common.         

Can we pronounce a few words of Park Circus – Beckbagan area? It seems the area belongs to any Islamic suzerainty, Muslim youths here are found to defy the traffic rules at each time, bikers don’t care to wear helmets (terming it as a damn policy of Kaafirs) and often bikes are found to carry four persons flouting the rules. Police looks the other way round.

What’s of Razabazar Taratala and other Muslim-dominated areas in the city then? The situation is out of hand.

Are you in need of precise instances? Taratala - Jadavpur University route doesn’t have a Hindu auto rickshaw driver even! But the situation was quite better even a year back. Again Bijoygarh, area dominated by Hindus with origins in East Bengal, is having 40% Hindu rickshaw pullers these days – this has taken place in last 3-4 months only.

Conscientious studies prove Hindu fate, likewise, is dwindling in other parts of the city.

A large number of mansions and also houses in Mahatma Gandhi Road (in Central Kolkata), erstwhile Harrison Road, inhabited by non-Bengali Hindus for decades, if not more, are fast being replaced by Islamists.

If money fails to convince Hindus to abandon their properties, Islamic coercion remains the best way – often applied in the beginning.

(Future of Kolkata in every alley?)


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