Warrant for Bhaarat! - Unite Hindus!

Dr Pravin Togadia

In 1947, Bharat became independent from the British but broken and looted. The same ordeal is hovering over Bharat now with Muslim Reservations. After 1947, 3 Crore Muslims stayed back in Bharat who rejecting family planning and common civil core increased their population to 15 crore now. Using population explosion, they created their own formidable vote bank making all political leaders to crawl in front of them.

Here began the dirtiest conspiracy to snatch education, employment, bank loans and livelihood of all backward castes - SC, OBC, ST and from open merit. Using Hindu tax payers' money, government subsidised Muslim vote bank and now they are demanding reserved constituencies thereby preventing Hindus from having any say in many pockets in Bharat.

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