Razzak Mollah’s heart bleeds for Islamists in Assam

Whether it’s the dogma of Marxism or the phenomenal urge to make a global revolution to help worldwide proletariat attain its actual freedom and destruct the bane of global capitalism thus, the first and foremost notion to a Muslim communist remains Imaan or compete faith on the religion. They are not like Hindu atheists after all, ready to denounce own religious views forever and a day.  Islamists, according to their beliefs, happen to be the choicest blessings of Almighty on earth and they are superior to others in every respect.

Hence, if they feel it necessary to whip or even shed blood of others to preserve sanctity of Islam, they must be allowed albeit it leads to umpteen damages for Kafirs. But, if Islamists, on the contrary, become victim of fury, all including government to NGOs must act fast to save such blessed people.


This is not the view of any ordinary Islamist, on the run (at present) owing to Hindu awakening in Assam, but of Abdur Razzak Mollah, well-known CPI-M leader and former minister of Left Front government, (likes to present himself as Chasir Beta most) all set to constitute a new Muslim party in Bengal.

Razzak Sahib has expressed his grief over the brutal incidents in Assam and while talking to a correspondent of Kalam, Bengali daily published from West Bengal, has wondered how such attacks can take place against Islamists, a single community in particular, in the sacred month of Ramadan. He is at a loss and devoid of words to condemn the ongoing events in Assam.  

As per him, if the administration gets proactive, abovementioned disruptions can be cowed before long but steady failure (in this regard) is making him more and more skeptical. So, as stated by Razzak Sahib, central government must interfere through promulgating Article 355 in the concerned region of Assam.

But Razzak Sahib has not uttered a single word against demographic invasion of Bangladeshi Islamists for decades in North-east India, especially Assam. Does not he realize how the steady influx is changing demography of the region making the minority traditional settlers, Bodo Hindus above all, there highly scared? Hindus in Assam, to be precise, are fearful of losing their religious, cultural identities.  

Yes he does but he prefers to remain loyal to Islamic Ummah, covertly in the past and overtly these days, instead of initiating a new Comintern and any word against Ummah is blasphemy.

Razzak Sahib knows this also too well.

Hindus in Bengal are also substantially conscious of his devious role, fomenting Islamic fundamentalism and retaining a pro-poor attitude on the other. Perhaps Razzak Sahib, slowly but steadily, is becoming an acolyte of Maulana Bhashani, known both as Red Maulana and for his anti-Hindu tirade.   


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