Don’t fire cow smugglers!

P Chidambaram’s latest diktat

P Chidambaram, Union Home Minister, is against any shooting of cow smugglers across the India-Bangladesh border in any circumstances and according to him, cows are present in the realm of India in large numbers while their demands are rising exponentially in Bangladesh. For this reason, even if smuggling of cows in bordering regions is rampant, definite approaches can’t be made.

All these were said in the Kolkata Press Club, on July 5, 2012. The Union Home Minister said, “BSF (Border Security Force) has been stopped from firing the smugglers. They can fire in self-defence only.”

Has anyone heard such a candid expression hitherto? The Union Home Minister is asking its security force members not to shoot cow smugglers across the border area since demands of these animals are rising in the neighboring country!  

What is your perception? Will it be wrong to state that power in democratic India has gone to the hands of rouges, rascals, freebooters and eternal foes of Hindus?     


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