Hindu fate being sealed more and more

Forget Bengal, the Indian state being governed by Islamists – both covertly and overtly – for the last 40 years. And with each day it passes Hindus inhabiting the state move towards the final debacle ever more.

But what is being found, condition of Hindus in other parts of India is no better and may have to follow the Bengal model before long. The religious strife in Masuri area of Ghaziabad district adjoining Delhi (happening recently) remains the best prototype of eyesore up till now.

What did start as a mere protest against the defilement of a holy book in Masuri turned into a civil discord soon by accusing Hindus as conspirators behind the dastardly act. Even if Hindus had no knowledge of how the copy of al-Qur'an reached the railway track and had abusive comments scribbled on various pages, they were termed as the bogey and hence, the easiest prey.

The arson and malicious mischief that followed and its mounting intensity made the local authority fire (to restrain the trouble) leading to death of six people – Asif, Waheed, Luckman, Amir, Wasim and Hayat. Police was not left untouched as well and three of them got badly injured. It has been learnt, head of a police official was almost severed with a sharp-edged weapon – testifying that it was not a desperate state (or one-sided) attempt to crack down on Islamists protesting peacefully. 

Some much-used but evergreen Islamic maneuvers were also displayed in Masuri – following the toes of Raja Academy in Mumbai, it was claimed that the congregation had been silent but the entrance of a few street fighters changed the scenario. Some people also fired at policemen, burnt the police barracks and mess, and moved towards the police residential premises. And perhaps the number of these people was not too small that could be ignored.

Uttar Pradesh government, to pacify Islamists, has announced Rs.500,000 to the families of each of the dead while an ex-gratia amounting to 50,000 and Rs.100,000 were also announced for families of the injured.

And not only Uttar Pradesh – the same thing can take place anywhere in India, be it your place or that of mine. Reason? Islamists have interpreted that sudden and uncontrollable violence can compel concerned government and administration to knuckle under them. And the inhuman silence of Hindus adds fuel to the Islamic fire or greed for power.

Had Hindus done indigenous Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street movements against their foes, the situation would have largely been different. Kashmiri Pandits or Bengali Hindus – to be followed by other Hindus soon – would not have been persecuted and kicked out of their age-old bastions then.  


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