Kashmiri Pandit’s triumph at KBC – 6 portrays Hindu ineffectuality best

Manoj Kumar Raina, an employee of Indian railways but definitely a joe till the other day, has hit the headlines – his incredible success to bag Rs. 1 crore from KBC – 6 (Kaun Banega Crorepati), both being the first contestant in this sixth season of the competition and hailing from Kashmir. And he also fulfilled two dreams simultaneously! He has met Amitabh Bacchan and got the money to build a residence in Kashmir, his motherland and source of energy.

Manoj Kumar Raina was found to burst into emotions once his triumph was declared and was also embraced by Big B. And Manoj’s joy depicted his struggles for years to attain this success and also the great amount, prerequisite for him to have a footing in Kashmir.  

As stated by him, "In 1988, everything began going downhill. Everything was burnt down by militants and nothing was left." "During militancy, my house in Kashmir Valley was destroyed. We were forced to leave the place. Since then I have been living in Jammu. With Rs one crore, I would like to build a house there and also I want to help under-privileged people in the area who are not receiving any help from any one. I would do help in whatever little way I can."

The Kashmiri Pandit has visited the valley twice thus far and at each time his blood boiled but being helpless he vowed only to recreate his original residence in Kashmir. Perhaps he can do it now.

What’s of tens of thousands of other Kashmiri Pandits undergoing subhuman conditions throughout India? How long will they languish in refugee camps? There is no answer as no second person can be as fortunate as Manoj Kumar Raina. As a result, they will remain there where they inhabit these days – with no attention from leaders of Hindu movement, let alone Central Government of India.

Victory of Manoj brings forth another truth – utter bankruptcy of Hindu movement that prefers to enshroud itself under the mindless murmuring of Samskaras, Atma Gyan and Uplavdhi.

Hindu movement has never stood beside thousands of Manoj Kumar Raina s who have experienced the peril of ongoing secular democracy in India. Even if some have done the same, the struggle, due to paucity of proper infrastructure and objective, has remained futile altogether.

Pandits were expelled from Kashmir during the heydays of Hindu struggle – Ram Janmabhoomi movement. Yet Hindus couldn’t forge any Azad Maidan – type incident to compel Indian administration to yield to Hindu strength. Any such success could have eased lot of Kashmiri Pandits.
On the contrary, Islamists are not only apt to cultivate the same but are found to perform this also par excellence. This leads to an ingrained terror among Hindus of Islamists.

And this trend has been going on for centuries – absence of notion of Hindu supremacism hurts us most.  


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