Islamic persecution on Hindus crosses all bounds in Bengal

An eyewitnesses’ account of Beledanga, Shantipur now …………

How the intensity of Islamic terror is can be ascertained once if you get into Beledanga No.1 Gram Panchayat, P.S. Krishnanagar, District: Nadia. There is no need to visit yet again because the first visit will make you realize that Hindus inhabiting the area, especially Ghoshpara, have turned into serfs of Islamists forever and a day. The area has been witnessing frictions between Hindus, original settlers in the area, and burgeoning population of Islamists of years – but the ascension of reigning Bengal government and its clamant supports on every occasion, as per Hindu villagers, has emboldened Islamists there highly. 

To Know More Please Read:

(Hindus being led by Hindu Samhati at Beldanga No.1 Gram Panchayat) 

(Terrified Hindu villagers) 


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