Sunil Ganguli on the dock

Taslima’s charge proves to be secular one has to be a perfect debauch

It’s a perfect Tu Tu Main Main (arguments and bickering) that is being witnessed between Taslima Nasreen and Sunil Ganguli, known more for his impertinence, especially against Hindus, than his works, at the moment.

What Taslimsa has tweeted has certainly put the saucy Bengali novelist, infamous for licking boots of Islamists through backing the weird saga of secularism, on the dock. As per Taslima, Sunil is a chronic molester and all he wants to help any budding authoress is sensual pleasure (one and only) and she is also a victim.

What has made Taslima gear up against Sunil remains unknown yet but this is certainly a grave accusation.

People, on condition of anonymity, have confirmed that the charge is not unfounded and have also stated that Sunil’s near ones know how unprincipled, immoral and filthy he is. Well, we have got to nod this (to some extent) as he has been known for lasciviousness – expressed in many of his writings from time to time.     

What makes us wonder whether the notion of secularism is the by-blow of debauchery! And this accusation is also not groundless. Whether it is Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru or communist leaders, he who has advocated the notion of secularism is found to be a perfect debauch. Scrupulousness happens to be the greatest casualty in this respect.

We have heard that Karl Marx himself was the father of an illegitimate child. Even the relation between Lenin and Nadezhda Krupskaya (his alleged wife) remains under scanner still.

Well, Sunil Ganguli, hence, can’t be termed as a double-crosser; he remains devoted to his cause – secularism – love child of debauchery and phony humanism.   


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