Usthi remains explosive

If one is asked of the reigning situation in Usthi, the best answer would be explosive --- as anything may happen at any time against Hindus at the behest of Islamists. Taking advantage of inhuman silence of administration, Islamists are conducting best attempts to hit both village: Nainan and Pratap Hazra, senior activist of Hindu Samhati and also the mainstay of Hindu defence in the area.

What’s left then? Following footsteps of self-claimed custodians of Islamists in Bengal, local Islamists declared that they would launch their new programs from Friday – day of Jummah – or today itself. Reason? They have been making a demand incessantly – either Pratap Hazra has to be surrendered to them or be arrested by police for the murder of Moulavi on September 11, 2012; the body was recovered on September 15, 2012 at the side of a canal of about 3 km. away from Nainan village.
And it is known to all (in the vicinity) that the allegation is entirely baseless.

In accordance with latest information, police, to avert any untoward incident, is vigilant and a huge police contingent is present at the Usthi station market. Well, it is not known whether police will save Hindus in village: Nainan, once they are attacked. But Hindus are prepared to render a valiant defence.

Hindus have lost all confidence on local police and administration; they have geared up to meet the worst.

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Unknown said…
Really the Islamists of Usthi Police Station areas and adjacent places like Magrahat and Sangrampur areas are hatching a notorious plan to demoralize the organisational spirit of Hindus by any means. Practically they want to instill the Islamic terror in the mind of Hindus as per Quranic dictum.
Under the threat of fanatic Muslims, all the Hindu Orgs like Hindu Samhati, RSS, Arya Samaj have been united now to check the repression of Muslim Hooliganism upon the Hindus of Usthi area.
So far we know that Mr Pratap Hazra is a Hindu social worker and obviously a leader of that area, who renders various social activities like blood donation camp, cloth and blanket distribution to the poor, counseling the distressed, victims of addiction and in various social disorders etc. He is a man of outright personality and moral clarity out of any criminal record so far.
Those who are purposely creating confusion and alleging many absurd things against Mr. Hazra and other Hindu activists of Usthi areas, are nothing but the agents of many Islamic Jihadi Organisations like Jammat, ISI, SIMI etc. who are engaged in the process of Hindu Cleansing in Magrahat - II and Magrahat - I (i.e. Usthi) block.
The Police and Administration must apprehend the situation and reject all the false allegations against peace loving and law abiding Hindus of the Usthi areas through proper investigations and necessary actions.

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