Pakistani Flag Burnt in Kolkata in Powerful Rally by Hindu Samhati

Kolkata, Dec 3 (PTI)

A Pakistani flag was burnt by hundreds of protesters in this metropolis today to condemn Islamabad's alleged hand in the Mumbai terror attacks.

The protesters, who took out the procession in College Street under the banner of 'Hindu Samhati', spat and kicked the flag before burning it and shouted slogans against the Pakistani government.

They also demanded that the Centre act immediately to "teach Pakistan a lesson once and for all".

The terrorists came not to shatter our economy but to shatter our nation, the protesters said, alleging that the November 26 attack had once again established involvement of Pakistan and jihadis.

The protesters later observed a minute's silence in memory of those killed in the audacious attacks. PTI.


Dipanjan said…
ahh...what a peace to see Pakistan's flag burning. May the entire Pakistan nation starve to death, let their fathers see their sons and daughters dying spilling blood from their mouth.May God curse Pakistan to destruction.
Anonymous said…
yahi hona hee chahiye inn kutton ke sathes
sarmeen said…
jisne bhi pakistani flag jalaya hoga to me usko tukro main baat azadi main humlog ke com ka bhi than lagta hai ki tum log us waqt duniya main nahi aaye the kya .
Faraz said…
you indian cunts .... we have lost a lot as compared to you in events ov 47 but still u r jealous.... we are not getting water from the construction of ur baghliar dam, btw we arent protesting but u are jealous... you lost battle of chawinda and stepped back in 1965, once again to destroy the great nation but we taught u a gud lesson(a great gud) but now even u r after us ..... one day when we will dominate u .. then we will deal you so of bitches.. till then , just tongue ur asses ,,,, son of bitches ..... PAKISTAN ZINDABAD
Onkar said…
Paki Lando HAmaRE MusAlmAAn HiNduSTaNi assal MusalMaan Hai Tum SaB Kate Land Ke Lande Ho TUmhari Ma Hamare YanhA aYi thI chUdwaNe ke LiYe Aur Fir Tum Paida HuE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rakesh dubey said…
Kya be bhosdi ke Gulam murtaza teri maa ki choot itni galiya likhta hai, maadar chod,Hindu log teri bahen aur beti ko chodte hai kya, sale pagal Lund ki paidaish, sale half ticket... Chhinal chodi ke...

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