Hindu Samhati’s 4th Anniversary creates History

Hindu Samhati, witnessing an assortment of inhibitions and also malicious approaches of the government to scuttle any impeccant and upright and audacious Hindu voice like it in Bengal, has attained a historic success today with the grand celebration of its 4th Anniversary at Raja Subodh Mallik Square (Wellington Square) in Kolkata, beholding in the past few days the hell-bent onslaughts of the administration to call it a halt.

Defying vindictiveness of the governance (influenced by Islamists and its own obeisance to the anti-Hindus to maintain a minority vote bank with conviction) 30, 000 Hindus were present on the occasion and all these helped it to assert proudly once again that Hindu Samhati remain undeterred to any venomous design, resolute to stop its marching towards forming a novel basis of Hindus in the state. However, tens of thousands supporters of Hindu Samhati were prevented by police from attending the assemblage.

What we perceived today was not only shocking but the desperate violations of human rights and democratic rights (as enshrined in the Constitution of India) by the governance also. Despite the presence of verdict from the Hon’ble High Court of Kolkata enabling Hindu Samhati to go on with the 4 th Anniversary unflinchingly, no stone was left unturned to stamp down the occasion – ranging from declaring Section 144 around the venue (in the early morning) to disallowing presence of water vans there. And the desperation of the administration (eager to placate Muslim vote bank thus) was easily discernible.

Nevertheless, the courage and resoluteness of Hindu Samhati activists, experient to defeat obstacles of any intensity to fight for and preserve rightful Hindu interest, turned out to be too heavy for police and administration to resist and they had to give in finally.  What happened next, proclaiming inconceivable success of Hindu Samhati, will remain in golden letters in the history of Hindu movement in Bengal.   

Dignitaries who graced the occasion through their inestimable speeches include Sri Tapan Ghosh (President, Hindu Samhati), Swami Tejasanandaji, Sri Ramesh Shinde (Hindu Janajagruti Samiti), Sri Abhay Vartak (Sanatan Sanstha), Acharya Yogesh Shastri (Arya Samaj), Sri Michael Brannon Parker (USA), Dr. Gautam Sen (UK) and Dr. Nilamadhab Das.

Hindu Samhati owes its Historic Success to Hindus, desiring indefatigably to perceive the ascension of a Hindu Bengal.

Vande Mataram

Jai Shree Ram   


knowing islam said…
Congratulations for not bowing to Govt. and Islamists.....

It is natural right of Bengali Hindus to live in dignity and freedom and no one should take them for granted...

Hindu Samhati --- Beacon of hope for Bengali Hindus....
Why the posts have stopped? Want more.....

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