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Sri Tapan Ghosh is Released

Bengal government fails to confine the Hindu Tiger

Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati, is bailed out finally, after days of wait and apprehensions, dashing hopes of anti-Hindu forces to detain him further and scuttle the rising Hindu strength in Bengal such.  This significant event took place today, February 18, 2012, in the First Court of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Alipur, around 4 pm.

Sri Ghosh was arrested on February 14, 2012, at 9:30 pm from his residence by police of P.S. Jadavpur with an arrest warrant issued against Case No. 52/dt 05.02.2012 u/s 295 A, 298 and 120 B (IPC). And it can be said indubitably that the entire development had been a part of the conspiracy hatched by the existing governance to stamp the 4 th anniversary of Hindu Samhati at Raja Subodh Mallik Square (Wellington Square) down.

This heinous design was first comprehended when ageing Sri Ranjit Kar (age 82) was arrested at 1 pm by P.S. Jadavpur, on February 05, 2012, while campaigning and distributing leaflets of Hindu Samhati to make the 4 th anniversary on February 14, 2012 a great success. The entire move of administration was based on a flimsy ground and the aforementioned case was made then against Sri Kar; Sri Tapan Ghosh being the first accused individual.

Even if the court failed to confine ageing Sri Kar more owing to defiant posture of Hindu Samhati and its valiant legal battle, Sri Tapan Ghosh continued to be the first target. Wrath of administration was perceived in the following days through cancelling permission of the Anniversary that was received almost a month ago. Hindu Samhati challenged the revocation and aided by the verdict of the Hon’ble High Court of Kolkata to organize the Anniversary as usual it went on.

Nevertheless, exhibiting the worst form of violation of democratic rights (given to all Indians by the Constitution of  India), the governance made a last attempt to impede the celebration – ranging from declaring Section 144 around the venue on the fateful day to preventing the entrance of Hindu Samhati activists to the very ground. And what did happen afterwards is a history. Presence of more than 30,000 Hindus along with dignitaries rendering perfervid and momentous speeches made the task of arresting Sri Tapan ji just after completion of 4th Anniversary completely unfeasible for police.

He was arrested, later on, and in the same night.

The release of Sri Tapan ji authenticates the age-old philosophy – truth prevails and is ever able to overwhelm unjust forces – once more.

The release ushers a new hope among Hindus, already enthused by the historic success of February 14, 2012, and vows to strengthen the righteous struggles of Hindus in Bengal.   

Vande Mataram

Jai Shree Ram


Jai Shree Ram. Many congrats!!! Jai Hind!!!

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