Political reprisal victimizes Hindus in Joynagar only

Hindus apprehending worst

The murder of Shaukat Khan, at 7.30 am, on May 14, 2012, in the area of Ghoshalchowk, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South), has turned into a catastrophe for Hindus in the vicinity. The slain individual, resident of village: Paschim Rupnagar of Beledurganagar village Panchayat, had his own business of clothes but owing to transactions used to live in Metiaburuz, Kolkata. As per sources, while returning to his house yesterday he was attacked by a pack of armed criminals and dragged out of the auto-rickshaw; then, he was chopped up followed by pumping of 3 bullets into his chest. He died on the spot but the gruesome episode, a part of relentless bloody feud between political parties, CPIM and SUCI, had no relation with Hindus who have become worst victims of persecution by Islamists. The bloody vengeance started at 3 pm and in the veil of attacking CPIM supporters, Hindus were thrashed like a shot.        

However, the source of bloody feud happens to be the murder of Sri Bimal Haldar, supporter of CPIM, almost 10 years back. Murder of Shaukat Khan, termed as an active member of SUCI, happens to be the newest addition to the same trend only. Whatever it is, even if the murder is political, its fallout is no political but victimizes Hindus only.    

Hindus living in areas of Haldarpara, Naskarpara, Sardarpara, Baidyapara and Brahminpara, in village Taranagar, have become worst victims of frantic Islamists – considering Hindus as easy prey to teach CPIM a lesson. It’s a well-known fact that no political party in Bengal is ready to espouse the Hindu cause or at least protest against all these. It is needless to mention the role of CPIM in this context.

Almost 30 Hindu houses have been burnt down, granaries looted bringing means of livelihood of Hindus to an end. Two Hindu housewives – Shabori Haldar and Anita Haldar – were also abducted and taken to Khanpara, an Islamist-dominated area. However, police was able to rescue the two innocent Hindu women later on but dumped them in the Hindu-dominated area of Jiban Mandaler Haat (without providing any primary medical assistance). They, later, were taken to Sudhamayi Pharmacy by relatives; Shabori is in a nearby hospital while Anita is in her relative’s house.

Ms. Tumpa Naskar, daughter of Sri Mahadev Naskar, was nearly snatched but defiance of women (of her family) saved her. Sri Sukumar Haldar (age -18 years) is also in hospital now as his hand has been injured by Islamists severely.  

It is worthwhile to mention that almost 40 Muslims households do reside in Khanpara while 150 Hindu families live in the neighboring Hindu-dominated areas. To lodge a formal complaint against Islamists, Hindu went to P.S. Joynagar, but the plea was rejected then and there.  Hindu males of Taranagar have fled in fear of police and Islamists’ atrocities while the majority of their women have taken refuge in relatives’ dwellings.  

RAF has been deployed in the locality but Hindus are apprehending more attacks.

It has been learnt, more than 1, 500 Islamists assembled while burying Shaukat Khan today in noon.   


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