Does Jibantala ink Hindu obituary in Bengal to begin with?

We have been receiving frantic calls from people across the state of Bengal, other states of India and even abroad to make known a full-fledged and unbiased report of the horrendous developments in Jibantala of late –that rocked the saga of security once more and posed serious questions to the reigning administration, hell-bent to placate Muslims to garner minority support day in and day out.

Even if an official statement of Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati of the fast deteriorating situation in Bengal and administration’s mounting helplessness (in both Kulpi and Jibantala) has already been published ( Statement of Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati – Kindly refer to, saluting aspirations of people to know the reality we are bringing forth the truth.

You have a single task. It is to evaluate the entire matter without prejudice – read the writing on the wall and decide what should be done.

On October 26, 2011 a band of police personnel comprising S.I. Parimal Bhadra and 4 constables, of P.S. Jibantala of Canning, prominent town and also community development block in Dist. 24 Paraganas (South), Bengal, went to Kalibari area of Jibnatala to take a noted criminal named Kutubuddin Khan alias Kutub into custody. What has not been mentioned in the mainstream media (or expunged intentionally) is that Kutubuddin Khan was the leader of infamous Kargil Army – known for persecuting Hindus in the environs in all possible ways – be it extortion, kidnapping or murder. It has been learnt that police (at that time) got a tip that Kutub was busy in plundering.

When on earth Kutub was nabbed red-handed, almost 500 villagers of Kalibari including women (all Muslims) encircled the police team and in a while snatched their rifles and started thrashing them inhumanely. The extent of the beating was such that the police team had to drop by the wayside (admit defeat) only. A large police contingent, comprising police personnel of several adjoining police stations, hearing of the grievous situation, went there and tackled the situation but by that time the murderous gathering got able to run off with Kutub. One constable, named Subrata Mukherjee, owing to a great injury was admitted to the Canning Mahakuma Hospital while others were released after primary treatment.

Kutubuddin Khan alias Kutub is still at large and police is leaving no stone unturned to arrest him. Well, how much confident they are now (in this case) can be told best by them. At least 60 cases of robberies and felonies are recorded against Kutub in different police stations of (Districts) both 24 Paraganas (North and South) along with Hooghly.

There are several implications of this event, without a shred of doubt. It occurs within two days of the atrocious development in Kulpi, Diamond Harbour, District – 24 Parganas (South) (on October 24, 2011). Here at least 30, 000 Muslims, if not more, went on the rampage, ransacking local BDO (Block Development Office) and Kulpi police station from the early morning (Kindly turn to – Armed Bangladeshi Muslim intruders plunder bordering Hindu village in India - - for your kind perusal and reference).

Another significance is that police and administration, especially in District – 24 Parganas (South), (as per info) has got panic-stricken and is giving second thoughts prior to any such expedition in future. Again the manner in which Muslim civilians (armed with traditional weapons), in both cases, got dauntless and virtually defeated the administration defying jurisprudence of the land is one of the most unusual episodes known hitherto in Bengal.

Such incidents do happen but rarely – only in times of civil war or when people, as a whole, stops to have faith in political, social and economic framework of the land or its elected representatives and their wise promises altogether. If the memory is conferred a trust upon, these incidents became order of the day in the Muslim-dominated areas during the heyday of Pakistan movement.

Is any such future harbingering doomsday of Hindus approaching fast?


pankaj said…
respected tapan sir , as a student i am immensly pleased to see someone from the bengali community to rise against the islamic opression of hindus in westbengal , your work of uniting hindu bengali masses and showing them the path to follow our own culture freely and to live with dignity has won many hearts. I am sure that by having leaders like u we can defeat this islamic menace and set up ramrajya in our state and country.
I would urge you to make documentries on islamic opression and torture of hindu masses in independent india in places such as kashmir , westbengal , kerela and many more and release them in the media . Muslims show the films on gujrat rights to garner sympathy among people( although everyone knows that it was started by them first & when hindus showed them their way they cried foul). You should induct more students from good colleges who can carry on this movement among other students and create awreness . You should come more in national medias so that people living in delhi can know what is going in westbengal , try to gain support form other hindu students organizations and try to make hindu youth organizations famous in various collegs in west bengal. As a student if i can help u in any way i will feel that i hav served my dharma, kindly mail me at

with best wishes,
pankaj kumar das
new delhi.
sasanka said…
dear tarun, no doubt this type of desperate effort may bring some people togather... and if a agitation occur(?) who will ensure the safety of innocent muslims... and the comunal harmony that rest here for decates...
pankaj said…
eTO MR. SASANKA:- if in this way the muslims of the country behave then i don't think that the so called "comunal harmony" will last for another decade . Agitation is required to show the muslims that they cannot do in this country what their brothers are doing in afganistan , pakistan , iraq etc. Mr. sasanka just answer my one question " in the whole world their are 54 countries having muslims as majority population and following their islamic law but still their is poverty( accept those who are sitting on oil wells), no other religion can strive in those countries , but still thir is civil war situation in those countries( eg: somalia , chad , palestine etc). All sought of human rights violations are done in those countries ( just see your neighbours in pakistan , bangladesh)which a common man can't even imagine. Remember whom you are calling innocent muslims they will not come forward to save you from the terrorist whom their religion propagates( eg: kasmiri pandits are drove away by their so called"muslim brothers", and no one came forward to stop this menace not even the so called secular politicians). if indian muslims are so good then why they don't pray in mosques for HAV Abdul Hameed , dr . apj abdul kalam( most the muslims think that he is not a muslim as he beleives in vedas) and other musliums who fought for this independent india.instead they paid their homage to osam binladen in various mosques all over the country after his death and you are calling people innocent. I think because of people( Mr. sasanka) like your mentality the muslims will remain in this country to torture hindus and other peace loving religions for another 1000 years till they convert this hollymotherland of ours into hell, like they did to afganistan(which was once a buddhist nation)and other parts of the world .
I am in full support of Tapan ghosh sir and will do my part to stop this menace.
jai hind
jai bharat.
shapmochan said…
With incidents like this, Bengal is coming to a full circle. Situation today is very similar to that before the partition, when Islamists would start rioting at the drop of a hat - anything that they perceive to be against Islamic brotherhood had to be stopped at any cost, including rioting against anyone and everyone.

However, in my opinion, the fault does not lie entirely with the Muslim community as much as it is with the non-Muslim community (Hindus, in this case). Muslims have been Muslims since ages - they have only cared for their value system without any heed to anyone else. The question then arises, why haven't the Hindus learnt their lesson? Why do they expect the Muslims to behave lawfully when history tells us otherwise?

Whether this is obituary for the Hindus or not, only time will tell. But if the Hindus, especially of the Bengali "garden" variety die out, then is there anyone else who can be blamed other than the Bengalis themselves? I doubt it. As Darwin once told us, only the fittest will survive history. Having an i-pod in the pocket and being able to write good software (or poetry) doesn't help in this race. Of course, people like sasanka won't be alive then ... may be it will be his grandson or granddaughter who'll bear the last blow, but does he (or for that matter most Bengalis) give a dime?

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