Hindu Persecution in Bangladesh – a Common Business for All

Hindu persecution in Bangladesh remains unabated and apparently there is no reason to dream that this festival of the masses to persecute Hindus would end before long.

It has been going on through ages in every capacity leading to the desertion of Bangladesh by Bengali Hindus silently but steadily. From making 29% of the entire population in East Pakistan in 1948 Bengali Hindus have come down to mere 9% in modern-day Bangladesh and the same number is also on the wane.  

While on one hand Islamic state structure must be censured severely, Bengali Hindus can’t also evade their own responsibilities. Hardly Bengali Hindus during both Pakistan and Bangladesh periods have dealt with practical politics. Neither have they mulled over the need to fortify their own defenses nor have they supported humanitarian groups working in Bangladesh in throngs in broad daylight.

What Bengali Hindus in Bangladesh have done, if a single word can be used, is sheer escapism. No escapist can live with dignity and vigor ever; Bengali Hindus are having the same fate at the moment in Bangladesh.

How long this will continue is hard to grasp at this moment.    

Perhaps with the absence of solid defence Bengali Hindus will become extinct in Bangladesh soon.

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