Successive Surrenders to Muslim Radicals - Intolerable

Hindu Samhati remains only hope

By Animitra Chakraborty

Whether it is the row over Vishwaroopam or the scheduled visit of Salman Rushdie to Kolkata, state governments in both Tamil Nadu and Bengal have finally surrendered to Muslim radicals hawkish enough to stop those no matter what. While the wrangle over the film continues leaving Kamal Hasan dejected and seemingly outdone, Rushdie’s visit has been annulled by the Bengal government following warnings from the local police and political establishment, frightened of an Islamic outcry that may run amok both in Kolkata and other parts of Bengal. The victory rests with the Muslim radicals and their henchmen emboldening adherents of Islamic extremism across the globe.

What makes both the governments surrender?  This is the primary and thought-provoking issue at the moment. While the majority of Hindus continue to chastise both for appeasing Muslim radicals in particular, it is also true that on both occasions the governments are helpless. Unless they fail to do the same, Islamists will stop casting votes in their favor while the ever-silent majority Hindus will not back the governments directly anyhow.

The Hindu majority population in India prefers to remain behind doors and detest coming out openly to hearten governments to carry out their constitutional duties. What else can happen then? Hindu Dharma – the religion of best warriors once – has turned into the greatest caricature due to absence of valor and disposition to direct confrontation within Hindus.

Had we, Hindus, on both (aforementioned) occasions pledged to support governments (from a Hindu mindset) wholeheartedly and stopped them from disowning constitutional responsibilities, the entire picture would have been different all in all. In its absence, the triumph is with Muslim radicals only.

What ails Hindus? We have forgotten the need to get innovative. In mediaeval Bengal Chaitanya Mahaprabhu saved Hindus, reeling then under a heinous, repressive and hence, insensate caste-based Hindu society, by making Dharma mass-based. The majority of Hindus were not allowed to enter temple premises; hence, God came to them through chanting of “Hari Bol.” The caste ridden Hindu society was thus crushed destructing the Islamic dream of converting Hindus to Islam en masse in Bengal also.

Such innovations are required now more than ever before; Hindus are on the verge of extinction and if Hindu pessimism continues, none can prevent them from going to oblivion soon.

Muslims in India – dejected, rudderless and also leaderless in the initial years following partition of India – have, exploiting fast changing situations best, not fortified themselves only but are in a more dominant position than pre-1947 period also. Muslim radicals are so powerful that they can dictate terms and make governments cede to the same. Their pragmatism along with using Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent brilliantly remains a lesson for others.

If Hindus fail to get pragmatic, they will have to go on reiterating empty words only. They will depend on constitutional powers for their own existence and posterity while the saga of betrayal by the same will never cease.

Hindu Samhati is the only hope for Bengal. 

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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