Tapan Ghosh Addresses Mammoth Gathering in Mumbai

Hindus are experiencing a calamity altogether and nothing less than a valorous struggle in every capacity can help them to overcome the adversity. This notion was reverberated at the Prerana Sabha held at grand BMC ground at Borivali West in Mumbai on December 30, 2012 in the evening. The main thrust of the program was the steady cultural erosion running the whole country steadily and hence, subject of the program was nothing else other than creation of awareness among Hindus – not to observe 'Valentine Day' and observe that day as "Maatri – Pitree Pujan Diwas"

Speakers who graced the occasion included Pujya Asaram Bapuji, Brahmrishi Kumar Swami Ji, Sri Chinmayanandaji Bapu (young kathakar), Swami Prajnananda(Delhi), Sri Abhay Vartak (HJS), Sri Tapan Ghosh (Hindu Samhati) along with several well-known ascetics.

A good number of speakers in the program signified that unless Hindus abide by the notion of observing "Maatri – Pitree Pujan Diwas" instead of “Valentine’s Day”, the steady erosion of Hindus (unabated at the moment) will deepen further.

As talking to the vast gathering, Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, stated with conviction while Sanskriti (culture) happens to be the soul of a country, country remains the basic physical structure. Without the physical body it is difficult to sustain the soul. Hence, protection of the physical body of the nation is important as well. Hindu Samhati, on its eastern frontier, has been engaged with the task of preserving the unity and integrity of Bharat Mata (India) ever since its own inception in 2008. In all these years Hindu Samhati has been waging a lone battle to stop mounting influence, arrogance of Muslims in Bengal (thanks to vote bank politics) and also to thwart the dream of Greater Bangladesh.

The task for Hindu Samhati is vast and as a result, Sri Tapan Ghosh asked for blessings of venerable saints present on the occasion.

The main inspiration of the program was Pujya Asaram Bapu and was organized by his followers mainly.

Other dignified guests whose presence embellished the occasion included Arun Govil (Ram of Ramayan by Ramananda Sagar), Gajendra Chouhan (Judhisthir of Mahabharat by B. R. Chopra), Sanjay Nirupam (Cong. M.P.).

Following the speech of Sri Tapan Ghosh, both Pujya Asaram Bapuji and Brahmrishi Kumar Swami Ji blessed him personally.

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Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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