Two Kali Temples Robbed in Hedia, Jibantala

Two startling thefts at two Kali temples in village: Hedia, P.S. Jibantala, District: 24 Paraganas (South) have rocked Hindus living there. The venerated temples, existing there for decades, are visited by Hindus regularly to perform Puja and are also regarded as stronghold of Hindus living in the village and its neighborhood. Along the lines of conventional Hindu beliefs, jewelries (of both gold and silver) are donated handsomely by Hindus; a fact known to all in the environs.

Nevertheless, Hindus (depending  on God’s grace much) didn’t feel it necessary to fortify the temple’s security and taking advantage of the same, the nefarious design to rob the temple and also to implement it perfectly took place on January 1, 2013 at 2 am.

It has come to knowledge, diadems of Goddesses worth 1.5 kg, jewelries (of both gold and silver) worth 30 gm., utensils made of brass and bell metal have been stolen.

Hindus in the village have lodged an official complaint to P.S. Jibantala. But police is yet to act.

As a result, Hindus smell a rat; the majority of them feel a clandestine liaison exist between police and thieves, nothing but Muslims. Hindus are simply hapless while the local administration continues to betray them in each and every manner.  


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