Hindu Youths burn Pakistani flag in Kakdwip on January 23

There is a limit to everything. While Pakistanis gloat to violate cease fire and murder brave Indian soldiers heinously (in a halal style) at every opportune moment, Government of India never forgets to exert its self-restraint and censure Pakistan diplomatically only at international levels. It never even think of confronting Pakistan militarily fearing to lose Islamic confidence in India.   

This is not possible for Hindus to withstand any longer.

Brave Hindu youths in Kakdwip, headquarter of Kadwip subdivision in District: 24 Paraganas (South), preferred to think and act differently on January 23, 2013. They were found to kick and burn Pakistani flag to vent their anger against rising Islamic barbarity, expressed by Pakistan, and also the inaction and pessimism of Indian government.  

The band of Hindu youths was led by valiant activists of Hindu Samhati. 


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