Muslim Radicals Persecute Hindu Doctor in Rampurhat, Birbhum

Islamic fundamentalism had been proceeding stealthily at Rampurhat, District: Birbhum in Bengal and now it has become apparent with the savage assault on Dr. Achintya Kumar Chakraborty, aged, revered Hindu doctor in the neighborhood, by Muslim radicals.

It has come to knowledge, eve teasing of Hindu girls and women by Muslim youths (crossing all limits of decency) has become rampant in the area. A girl student of Class VIII in Rampurhat Railway Adarsha Vidyamandir was being teased for a few days at a stretch. On January 18, 2013, she was teased indecently once more by Imtiaz Sheikh and Babu Sheikh that made her inform her own relatives.

Without wasting a single moment, they came to the school and caught the two Muslim teasers red-handed.  Hindu women in the area thrashed the two Muslim teasers as well.

Dr. Achintya Kumar Chakraborty, who was returning from his chamber then, was informed of the grievous development and under his instructions both Muslim youths were kept in a room within a quarter of the railway colony. Police was informed as well.

But, before the arrival of police, Muslim accomplices of two Muslim eve-teasers reached the spot and started attacking Hindus there indiscriminately. No less than 35 Muslim hoodlums were in the gang that let loose the worst terror.

Dr. Achintya Kumar Chakraborty turned into the main target of Muslim radicals; a rope was fastened round his neck and he was thrashed mercilessly through all kinds of rustic weapons including iron rods, bottles and even cricket bats and hockey sticks.   Dr. Chakraborty has suffered a deep wound on his forehead, his right arm is broken. He, at present, is in Rampurhat Mahakuma Hospital and is in a critical condition. Railway was blockaded, as a protest to this incident, for hours but was withdrawn later owing to lathi charge of police.

Local people have named several Muslim accomplices in the gang – they include Murad Sheikh, Gobor Shiekh, Situ Sheikh, Tipu Sheikh along with Imtiaz Sheikh and Babu Sheikh.

Police has assured to arrest culprits before long but as per fresh reports that are coming in, there has not been a single arrest yet.   

Dr. Achintya Kumar Chakraborty has been pivotal in organizing Hindu defenses against rising Islamic atrocities in the area time and again. He was singled out and thrashed ruthlessly, therefore.

PS: Two years back Durga Puja immersion program in Rampurhat, to protest against maltreatment and also bids to molest Hindu women by Muslim youths midway, was boycotted.

The neighboring village of Bogtui, prior to the Durga Puja of 2012, remained witness to death of 18 Muslim radicals owing to a bomb explosion. While the mass grave is still found in the village, police and administration is yet to pursue the case efficiently.

January 18, 2013 – AnandaBazar Patrika – Birbhum edition – Page no. 11 states – in village: Bogtui, P.S. Rampurhat, 300 bombs were found on Wednesday – January 16, 2013 and police defused the bombs on the following day Thursday – January 17, 2013.  


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