Statement of Tapan Ghosh on Pakistani Audacity, Brutality and Indian Cowardice

Pakistan did it again today. And India is again capitulating. The nation India is unable to keep its head high because of its leaders. Surely not for its army leaders but for its political leaders. Today’s incident of killing of two of our soldiers in J&K, deep inside our border, by the Pakistani troops and Paki trade mark brutality and mutilation on our soldiers’ bodies and then India’s official response, surely which we will witness, reminds me the quotation of former Army Chief VK Singh “an Army of Lions led by a Deer is not to be feared much as an Army of Deer led by a Lion”.

I cannot help but remember and admit at least partially what Akbaruddin Owaisi recently said in his speech of Adilabad that 1 crore of “namard” can’t deliver a child. He is right regarding the persons sitting in power in Delhi – whether today or in 2001. That time too after Parliament attack Mr. Vajpayee roared “Ab Hoga Aar Paar Ki Laadai”. Nothing delivered. Even prior to that at the time of Kargil War Mr. Vajpayee had not enough courage even to publish the postmortem report of martyr Captain Saurabh Kalia whose dead body bore the trade mark of Islamic brutality. Now, hundreds of times of violating ceasefire and this time brutality and killing – all these only prove the trueness of Owaisi’s statement.

No ray of hope is in sight even after the new type of agitations we saw in Delhi. The new and apparently untainted leaders like Arvind Kejriwal stayed mum in the matter of venomous Akbaruddin Owaisi. That means all leaders either of ruling party or opposition parties or even the new untested parties will take concern on everything barring Islamic defiance and Paki brutality. I don’t know when the Prayaschit of our old sins will come to an end and when our nation will get rid of this ‘dear leadership’.   


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