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Tapan Ghosh : The Message From Prison for Hindu Samhati Activists and Supporters

"One Tapan Ghosh in jail does not hinder our organization or our movement. Tens of Thousands of Tapans will be born in this holy land of Bengal to support the Indian Motherland."....Tapan Ghosh
(loosely translated from Bengali)
When we met Tapanda in jail custody he conveyed a clear message to us. he instructed to carry on the long expedition to comply with the interests of the innocent Hindus. He is in jail custody allegedly with connection with the Jalaberia case, but he has been thrashed with false case to suppress his voice for Hindus. Tapanda has a vision for Hindus for future, thus when we came in touch with him, he wanted us to work being independent and except the help of him. He wanted to see all Hindu Samhati workers to be steady and determined with their firm vision and focus for upcoming hard times.
The Message:
My Dear Hindu Sister and Brothers:
We are not alone today, hundred of thousands of supporters and patrons are with us, they want Hindu Samhati to move more forward and do take the necessary steps which compensates the common interests of general Hindus and secure the interests of tortured innocent Hindus.

Everywhere we can see violations of fundamental rights and violent attacks upon Hindus by Muslim jehadi power to dominate and drive them in a filthy way as they want. We have to secure our entity  and our “Dharma” being a integral part of the civilized society against the tyrannical barbaric shrewd evil power.
Hindu Samhati understands the facts and current situation of the unholy bullying atrocities and will surely stick to the firm path to maintain the balance. A true patriot must always be ready to defend his country and country men against its corrupt and rotten politicians and evil powers. Today, we can see, dirty vote bank politics and corrupted wolves have ruined our Nation. It starts from our society and “Dharma” to regain the glorious phase of it and attain a co-existing equilibrium of different sects in a mixed culture orientation of society. Thus we are seriously and steadily involved in these works, we secure our “Dharma”.
Hindu Samhati will never quit its ideological aspects and the holy paths contrary to others. We start it from the very grass root level, for the common Hindu people. Hindu Samhati’s youthful young activists are always enthusiastic and self-driven to do these, we must be self-motivated. All of you have to find your own path to build this golden organization, to be self dependent and setup its own identity and carry on the noble task we started. This is the high time to put all our efforts in Hindu Samhati and prove ourselves. Whether I am in jail or absent for a prolonged time, you must carry on the holy tasks and retain the atmosphere of combined Hindutwa in Bengal.
Analytic steps will put us forward and this is not the time to be easily scrambled by enemies of mankind, rather this is the acid test we are ready to go through as we comprehend the current hostile condition. A thoughtful philosophy, of sacrifice our small, tiny and trivial interests for the greater interests and cause will drive us away, Please do the needful, this is our call of duty and we are rather ready to devote us, being committed to our Dharma.
Last, but not least, please remember, one Tapan Ghosh in jail does not hinder our organization or our movement. Tens of Thousands of Tapans will be born in this holy land of Bengal to support the Indian Motherland.


My dear Hindu brothers & sisters, Do you think that after 1000 years of imprisonment under Muslim & British rule, time has not come to rise and protest? How long would we suffer ? How long we would be driven from Bangladesh & Pakistan? In our own country we are being alienated and facing discrimination.Darkest age of 1000 years of Hindu civilization has passed away.Come forward to protect the interest of Hindus. Help Hindu Samhati to spread the area & intensity of function.Try to convert muslims into great Hinduism which is the religion of their ancestors.Be aware of so called pseudo secular Hindu leaders.

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