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Bangladesh Pays the Price of Killing Hindus

Bangladesh is simply tottering at the moment and unquestionably in doldrums – the movement that had begun at Shahbag demanding exemplary punishments of war criminals in 1971 instigated Muslim radicals resulting in the desperate attempt of Hefazat-e-Islam, a mere pressure group containing Islamists, both teachers and students, to seize Dhaka on May 6, 2013 to portray Islamic hegemony once more.

The aggressive procession of Muslim radicals was witnessed to chant slogans calling for instant formation of stringent anti-blasphemy law (with provision for death penalty) and exemplary punishment to any, such as bloggers, daring to challenge or “insult Islam.” Other demands rocking the show included rigorous prohibition on mixing of men and women in public; an end to “shameless behavior and dresses”; and a call for the reformist Ahmadiyas to be declared as “non-Muslims”.     

The army of radicals, armed with all these and also weapons more sophisticated than the police in Dhaka even, had a bloody conflict with police and administration who found it almost impossible to tame them. Even if the agitation calmed down leaving behind (more than) hundreds of slain people (as per sources), the entire development poses the greatest threat to the stability or mere existence of Bangladesh – does the country have any future at least.

The question, as has been found, does pertain intellectuals in Bangladesh, extremely worried of the nation’s fate – failed categorically to build up own political identity with strong, dependable economic base.

What do the same intellectuals fail to accept (or discuss it behind closed doors in softened voices) is that the series of expulsion or racial extermination of Hindus through decades have left Bangladesh adrift and chaotic. With the flight of Hindus en masse sanity got absent in each and every echelon of Bangladesh – adherence to cultivation of knowledge was replaced by raucousness, industrial atmosphere and its prospect was dashed to ground while women, instead of retaining its high and noble position in society, became a subject of lust only.  

How were Hindus persecuted, expelled and also deprived can be found in the seminal work of Dr. Abul Barkat – 'Inquiry into Causes and Consequences of Deprivation of Hindu Minorities in Bangladesh through the Vested Property Act.’

Will good sense ever return to Bangladesh? The prospect is bleakest as “good sense or wisdom” has no place in an Islamic society. Despite Islamic empire has been engaged to extend its dominion for eternity, it has never been able to bring forth any politically and economically strong nation abiding by Islamic beliefs thus far. How can Bangladesh remain different then? Can a human body exist devoid of brain and heart?

Bengali Hindus, powerful enough to create a new future for a new country (with prospects to “turn into a rural slum without Calcutta”), could have been the best asset of Bangladesh.           

Bangladesh is paying the price of exterminating Hindus, now.

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