Sankrail witnesses savagery on Viswa Nabi Divas

Villages within Panchla were not sole victims of murderous assaults on “Viswa Nabi Divas” or World Nabi Day; the spate of brutality surfaced in Sankrail (situated at a distance of almost 16 kilometers from Panchla) in the same district of Howrah also. On January 14, at 9 am, Dakshin Sankrail Bodobagan within the jurisdiction of Sankrail police station experienced this viciousness. Large numbers of processions comprising thousands of youths, sound boxes emitting music in high frequency to observe “Viswa Nabi Divas” passed the area. Taken back at lewd comments being hurled on them from processions increasingly, women in the area asked village police volunteers to request Muslim youths to change route. But vanguards in processions dismissed it almost instantly. Getting helpless, local police station was phoned and when the police force appeared, Hindus requested them to ask Muslims of permissions to form processions. It has been learnt, even if Officer-in-Charge of Sankrail police station reiterated it, he was said that there was no need of it. Leaders of processions said that such processions had been continuing for past eight years at a stretch and all these led to a verbal spat between police and processionists for more than an hour.

While the tiff was going on, pebbles thrown from convoys injured Circle Inspector of Sankrail police station badly. To restrain the fast worsening situation, Rapid Action Force was called in and was also asked to vacate the area soon. Even if the job was done successfully, Hindus had to bear the aftermath. Instead of arresting troublemakers, police was found to hunt for Hindu youths and also ransack houses of Hindus in the area. Albeit being innocent, Madhab Bag and Raejndranath Thunder were falsely incriminated. They were arrested under sections 147/148/149/187/298/333/353/295 of Indian Penal Code. Both of them, at the moment, are languishing in jail at Mallikfatak. Nevertheless, police raids to terrify local Hindus are unabated.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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