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Taha Siddiqui outsmarts all in propounding Muslim political aspiration for Lok Sabha Election, 2014

As Lok Sabha Election, 2014 is drawing near, cacophony from different strata of Indian society is getting more and more apparent. While political leaders are gearing up, minority communities are not lagging also and the voice of Taha Siddiqui, Pirjada of Furfura Sharif in Bengal, is heard best. Speaking on the annual Isale of Pir Allamma Ruhul Amain (Raha.) at Basirhat on March 1, he emphasized the need for Muslims across the state to act cohesively as without unity they can’t gain anything substantial at this critical juncture of national politics. He asked the large gathering to get more cautious on the issue of development and how Muslims have got to measure the saga of development singlehandedly. And to achieve success, they have got to become conscious more than others envisage even. Without doubt, he was found to play the role of a demagogue better than a religious leader. 

Raking up alleged pitiable conditions of Muslims both in the state and rest of the country, Taha Siddiqui explicated the basic reasons behind it and how this wretched situation has not taken place almost abruptly. The meeting or historic Isale Swab was attended by no less than lakhs of Murids or staunch worshippers. In accordance with him, parties, cutting across political ideologies, are behind this wretchedness of Muslims. Even though lots of Muslim leaders grace different political parties, they remain lackadaisical and hence, any sense of accountability to the vast Muslim community in India remains a casualty.

These leaders are never interested to deal with and also put an end to burgeoning anguishes of Muslims and as a result, the Islamic society is always found in the table of least developed communities in the country. To prove this, he cited several instances and also the Sachar Committee Report which as per him has done a notable job by revealing haplessness of Muslims in India. Which political party can be supported then? Which party is mostly apt to espouse Muslims and heal their wounds? In this context, the number of Muslim candidates put up by political parties is the benchmark.  

Bengal consists of 40 million Muslims at the moment, he claimed and as a result, each political party must proffer 16 Muslim candidates in proportion. But it is unlikely that political parties will agree to this and this brutal reality compels Muslims, as stated by him, to hold a historic assembly at the Brigade Parade Ground soon. The convention will take place under the sway of Mojaddedia Anath (orphan) Foundation and will be attended by Muslims leaders, distinguished Muslims scholars as well as acquaintances.  

Lack of higher education happens to be the greatest hindrance before Muslims in the state and to overcome this age-old weakness, Taha Siddiqui asked Muslim families in the gathering to send their children to schools. However, Muslim families have to be careful to impart religious teachings alongside western education on their wards and the combination of both will lead to an age of light, a new age for Muslims.

Even if Pirjada was followed by other speakers none could match him in putting forward political aspirations of Muslims in Bengal as regards the imminent Parliamentary Election.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.



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