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Abduction, rape of Hindu girls - most favored sport of Islamists in Bangladesh

Hindu girls are vanishing in Bangladesh fast. This malice is not limited to any particular district but has become a common affair across the country by now while the administration prefers to enjoy wailing of Hindus from a safe distance.  Maloti Rani, a 13-year old Hindu girl and also a student of Class VII at the Bisbari Ebatonnesa Girls’ High School, living in the district of Lalmonirhat in the Rangpur division of Bangladesh has become the latest victim. It has come to knowledge that Maloti was on her way to attend the Ashtamisnan (religious bathing) festival on April 7, 2014 and she was kidnapped by a group of Islamists then.

Maloti Rani is the daughter of Jagadish Chandra Ram, a Hindu individual living in the village of Durakuti of Mogolhat Union within the Lalmonirhat sub-district headquarter in the district of Lalmonirhat for decades., Maloti was not alone on Monday morning; she was accompanied by her younger sister or Jaymoni Rani (age 11) while moving to the festival held on the bank of Ratnai river in the village. As soon as Maloti was abducted by the group of Islamists following them sneakily, Jaymoni rushed to her home to inform her parents. Even if Jagadish reached the very spot with his neighbors within a few minutes, none could be spotted. He was convinced that the abductor was none except Ismail, son of Abdul Hamid of Shalmara village of Aditmari sub-district who had been hassling her little daughter for the past one year.  He filed a case at the Lalmonirhat Sadar police station on April 9 in the night against the group of Islamists comprising Ismail and three other unidentified men. Police, after initial investigations, has accepted veracity of the complaint.   

On the word of Maloti’s mournful parents, Ismail had been harassing their girl for the last one year and even if they protested, the torment went on. And in the last two weeks prior to abduction, Ismail threatened to kidnap their daughter. He had also stated that any complaint to the police would generate dire consequences for the entire family. Even if the Officer-in-charge of local police station assured Maloti’s parents of recovering her soon, she is yet to be found.     

Can these wise assurances of Bangladeshi police be depended on? If experiences of minority and hapless Hindus are looked into, there is no end to this tragedy. Every time a Hindu girl is abducted or raped, the administration pledges to adopt tough measures to nab the criminals. And the sworn measures fail to materialize consistently.

On March 2, 2014, Jyotsna (age 22), a minority Hindu woman was raped by Islamists at the sub-district headquarter of Saturia in the district of Manikgunj. Failing to have any justice in the rural court, she committed suicide out of disgust. Police has not adopted any measure against Mujibur Rahman, the main rapist and his accomplices.

On February 28, 2014, Lila Bhakta (age 12), minority Hindu girl student of Class IV inhabiting the village of Mandra within the sub-district of Kotali Para in the district of Gopalgunj, was both abducted and gang raped by a few Islamists led by Sohag Sheikh, son of Seku Sheikh of the neighboring village. She was returning from school then. Lila was admitted to a local hospital in a critical condition. No culprit has been arrested yet.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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